I would like to offer you the MAKOLÁDÉ chocolate bonbons together with the slogan ”Take a bath in flavours”. The designer of the box chose as model the dome of  Hagymatikum Spa and the onion itself, the symbol of the town. The chocolate bonbons that are creation of confectioner Róbert Papp, with marzipan, dried plums and cinnamon, coated with dark chocolate and roasted walnut pieces are waiting for you to taste them.

The most delicious specialities, that were born of the well-known onion of Makó and the excellent Belgian chocolate , are the MAKOLADY and MAKOMAN chocolate bonbons which will surprise you with onion, strawberry, apricot brandy, caramel, coffee and orange liqueur flavours. Our latest great success are the chocolate bonbons with ONION that have already attracted the attention of M1 Tv Channel and Kossuth Radio. They are available in boxes of three sizes. The chocolate bonbons are the creation of confectioner Edina Nagy Czobor from „De Lux”

Give memories of Mako as present to the ones you love!